In Cold Blood ~ Bridging PC and Mobile Phone Games

In Cold Blood Bridging PC and Mobile Phone Games

United Kingdom – October 19, 2000: Traditional developers in the game industry are not eagerly seeking development of their titles for the WAP mobile phone platform. The current feeling is that the technology is too slow and does not offer sufficient gaming sophistication to warrant the expense.

Ludiwap has challenged this misconception and believe that on the contrary, it is the best opportunity to bring masses of gamers into the fray. Traditional “gamers” will explore wireless gaming, and new gamers will investigate the PC and Web-managed releases of these titles. Women, a very important unexplored gaming public, will have a genuine opportunity to discover, calmly and progressively, games, and their now very intimate, anywhere, anytime pervasiveness.

Ludiwap has undertaken the bold step of jointly releasing, “In Cold Blood” with Ubisoft Entertainment, a premiere in the industry. This is the first joint project between the two firms.

“Noise, darkness, confusion, there is no hope to free you from the numbness that envelops you. Light pierces your prison. Footsteps. You stumble… a hand grabs your hair and plunges your head into a trough of cold water… Abruptly, disjointed memories flood into your mind and you begin to remember. Air is rushing around you, freezing your ears. You have two minutes before you hit the ground. Drifting slowly towards you is the aggressively independent state of Volgia. It is a blank page of snow-covered countryside. One minute left to fall. Time to pull the rip cord…”

“In Cold Blood” is the first game title you can both play on your PC and online with your cellular WAP enabled mobile phone. “The PC and online WAP versions will have 9 to 10 episodes”, Thorsten Burkard in Ludiwap explains to “The WAP game scenario is especially rewarding and entertaining, easily compensating all the additional gaming features offered by a full blown PC game.”

Ludiwap is funded 20% by Ubisoft ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล Entertainment, 20% by Guillemot Corporation and the rest by Guillemot Brothers. It’s only natural that we imagine a world in the near future where the various Guillemot group of companies and gaming solution services will offer multiplatform, anywhere, wired and wireless solutions for their game titles.

The joint release of “In cold Blood” by Ludiwap and Ubisoft Entertainment is a first step in providing a bridge between the wireless and wired gaming environments. New titles will be released the coming months.

Gameloft, another Guillemot Brother enterprise, also provides cross-platform capabilities for new generations of gamers. Ludiwap are running a joint marketing campaign with Ubisoft in the next weeks. The first episode of “In Cold Blood” will be available for a free trial on your phone at and PC versions are released the same day through usual retailers beginning October 19, 2000. Launches

New Online Ant Colony Simulators Goes Gold!

PENNINGTON, NJ – October 20th, 2000 – LLC, ( announces the launch of its newest web game Ant War (, an online ant colony simulator. This is the newest addition to’s collection of free web games.

Ant War is the next generation of online ant colony simulators. “Adam Ant” greets new players and leads them through the process of selecting ants, settling a nest and beginning the growth of their colony. There are five types of ants to choose from: Fire, Harvester, Carpenter, Leafcutter and Weaver. There are also 12 locations where the ant colonies will live including urban settings, the city dump and Mr. Suburbia’s backyard. Ant colonies also have to be on the lookout for human and animal dangers including: Rose the gardener, hungry birds, the Terrible Toad and most of all the neighborhood bully Buster who always has a magnifying glass and firecrackers in his pocket!

“This is our most dynamic online game yet. Feedback from beta testers has been extremely strong and we have been anxiously awaiting for the opportunity to launch Ant War to the world,” Robert Goode,’s Game Development Director.

Ant War can be played for free at


Featuring the best in family oriented games and content, is the entertainment Mecca for the entire family on the Web. showcases top quality games and entertainment content.




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Legal Internet UFA Gaming Doesn’t Look Likely in Near Term

While high-tech gaming advocates say a U.S. Justice Department advisory opinion against Internet gambling represents a significant setback for the industry, they’re not ready to give up efforts to someday make cybercasinos legal in the United States.

However, prominent Las Vegas gaming attorney Anthony Cabot indicated he doesn’t expect to see Internet gambling legalized in the United States any time soon.

Cabot and three other Internet gambling experts addressed the state of online casinos in a panel on the opening day of the four-day Global Gaming Expo at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Last month the Justice Department affirmed its long-held stance that Internet gambling violates existing Wire Act laws making it illegal to place bets across state lines by telephone. The Clinton administration opposed Internet gambling and the Justice Department interpretation confirmed that President Bush also opposes it.

But most of the participants in the Tuesday panel held out hope that pending test cases on Internet gambling will reach the U.S. Supreme Court, which they hope would deliver an opinion that would favor the industry.

“Europe is now the hub of Internet gaming,” said panelist Marc Falcone, a gaming analyst with Deutsche Bank.

Falcone said Las Vegas gaming giant MGM MIRAGE is expected to have its own live gaming Internet site on line within a couple of months. The MGM MIRAGE operation would be based on the Isle of Man, an island off the coast of Great Britain.

Park Place Entertainment Corp., Station Casinos Inc. and Las Vegas Sands, which operates The Venetian, also are contemplating or developing Internet gaming ventures in foreign countries. But all of them are wary that they’ll be watched carefully by Nevada regulators, who won’t permit the companies from accepting bets from locations where gambling is illegal.

Assurances that the companies can qualify their players as legal bettors will be critical for them to operate and none of the companies wants to risk jeopardizing their valuable Nevada licenses.

Because of the unique characteristics of the Internet, many lawmakers pushed for a clear ban of online gaming in the United States. But efforts to pass legislation failed. In the meantime, Nevada became a proving ground for online technology, said panelist Richard Fitzpatrick, head of the Interactive Gaming Institute.

Over several years Fitzpatrick said, Nevada UFA casinos operated kiosks wired to sports books for remote wagering, closed-circuit television systems allowing bettors to gamble from their hotel rooms and technology that enables gamblers to place sports bets on cellular telephones and from their Palm Pilots.

Frank Fahrenkopf, president and chief executive officer of the American Gaming Association, said legislation making its way through Congress wouldn’t ban Internet gambling, but it would likely shut down betting from computer users who make their transactions by credit card.

A current proposal would make credit card gambling debts uncollectable. The reaction from credit card companies has been to prohibit the use of credit cards for a gambling stake at Internet casino sites. The online auction company eBay also has announced if it successfully acquires PayPal, an Internet commerce transaction system, it would institute a similar ban on casino stakes.

Cabot said he does not expect to see online sports wagering — the most popular form of Internet gambling — to be legalized in the United States in his lifetime. He’s also pessimistic about the chances of games of skill being played over the Internet for money, though many jurisdictions don’t consider person-to-person so-called games of skill, like poker, to fit the legal definition of gambling.

Panelists concurred that support for games-of-skill tournaments could come from an unlikely source — video game competitors, who are organizing events with admission fees and cash prizes that would function much like a poker tournament.


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Ligaz11 Review of Yes, You Can Win!

Bob Stupak was the founder and owner of the Vegas World ligaz11 Casino in Las Vegas, which is now the Stratosphere. A tireless promoter, Stupak was both one of the of the most innovative and controversial casino entrepreneurs. He’s also known as a big gambler himself, being one of the “old school” of casino owners who is both willing to fade very large action, occasionally gambling his casino’s livelihood against his opposition, and willing to make large wagers himself. Despite his brash style, Stupak also understands the fundamentals of gambling and mathematics. In Yes, You Can Win! Stupak dispenses gambling advice focused on what works for his personal style.


In his book, Stupak discusses the intrinsic mathematics of gambling at a very introductory level. I might quibble with the way he presents some concepts, but he gets the math right. He also relates his preferred style of gambling: Start with a moderate sized stake for the session, increase bet sizes when winning, but don’t double up, and decrease bet sizes when losing. Stupak feels that this gives the gambler a reasonable chance at making a big score without risking either an enormous session loss or on getting tapped out on a single big bet. While he decries more familiar “system” betting, like the D’Alembert or Martingale systems, the system he prefers using confers no intrinsic advantage or disadvantage over any other style, it’s just a method that suits him. This is fine, but it’s unfortunate that it’s presented as a superior system when it’s not. At least he does admit that no betting style, including his, can overcome the house advantage.


He talks about the rules and procedures for three of the most popular casino games: craps, blackjack, and roulette. These are all presented at the beginning level, and his description of play is easy to follow. His blackjack basic strategy table isn’t perfect, but it’s not completely out of line, and the rest of the information he presents on these games is accurate. Stupak also discusses slot machines. He mentions calculating pay back based on the number of reels and the number of stops on each reel. Even when the book was written, this information wasn’t correct for almost, if not all, slot machines in Nevada casinos. Instead of the stops being chosen randomly with equal probability, they’re chosen electronically, and each stop on each wheel may have a different probability of occurring.


Due to his direct style and relentless self-promotion people view Stupak in a variety of ways, ranging from admiration to bemusement to outright contempt. The title page touts Stupak as “The World’s Foremost Gambler”. Whether this is true or not can be debated, but his style is evident in this book. No place is this more apparent than in the last chapter, where Stupak is interviewed by some nameless individual, and in the first chapter, where the author describes how he came up with the idea for the Stratosphere tower.


I found this out of print book to be amusing. I think the gambling advice is better presented in a few other books, but his approach isn’t bad, especially considering how many awful books there are on the market. This isn’t a book that most people should relentlessly seek out, but for die-hard gambling readers who find Stupak’s style and antics at least amusing, it’s worth acquiring on the cheap if one stumbles across it.



Love or hate him, at least Bob Stupak is an interesting and genuine character. In “Yes, You Can Win!”, Stupak provides information on how to play the three most well-known casino table games and dispenses his advice on how he likes to bet. While his opinions on money management aren’t as definitive as he makes them sound, his advice certainly isn’t horrible, at least compared to other books on the market. Most people shouldn’t feel the need to seek out this mostly forgotten out-of-print work, but the right reader will find the book entertaining.






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Situs Judi Bola Gambling on the U.K.

“U.K. online casinos will undoubtedly benefit from the country’s long history of gaming regulation.”

Proposed changes to gambling legislation in the United Kingdom may make this the place to operate an online casino. And some of the big names in the betting industry are getting ready to seize the opportunity as soon as it’s available.

This past spring, the British government legalized Internet sportsbooks and it looks like online Situs Judi Bola casinos are next in line to get official support. The government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s Gambling Review Body earlier this month recommended that online gambling be legalized in the U.K.

Gambling has been legal in Britain since 1968, but like the U.S., there is no existing legislation that specifically deals with Internet wagering. And while the British government didn’t shut down online sportsbooks or casinos, it did impose a hefty betting duty that drove virtually every casino and sportsbook offshore. Operators set up shop in Gibraltar, Malta, and the Caribbean in order to minimize the amount of tax they were forced to pay.

As a result, the U.K. lost out on hundreds of millions of pounds of revenue. But the British government finally came to its senses and legalized online sportsbooks earlier this year. It also scrapped the betting duty, thus offering yet another incentive for the sportsbooks to come home.

And if this new online gambling report gets governmental approval, it looks like casinos will be able to come home as well. There won’t be a casino free-for-all, however. Stringent regulations will be imposed on both returning casinos and new ventures. Operators will have to be registered as a British company, locate their web servers in Britain, and use U.K. web addresses (URLs that end with for casino sites.

Other restrictions will also limit casino advertising in the U.K. to licensed operators, and will require all sites to provide users with information on problem gambling. More importantly, a gambling commission will be created to test and inspect online gaming systems for fairness.

The prime jurisdiction in the U.K. for online gambling will likely be the Isle of Man, located off the western coast of central England. The Isle of Man recently chose three casinos to test its proposed gambling regulations and services; that list of casinos has not been disclosed to the public.

Interestingly, Las Vegas casinos are also keeping an eye on things in the U.K. Internet gaming was recently given a tentative green light in Nevada, but it will be several years before anyone places a bet at a Vegas online casino. Big players like Las Vegas Sands Inc. and MGM MIRAGE have been eyeballing the U.K. option to ensure that they don’t get left out in the cold. But whatever happens, neither company will do anything that might jeopardize their Nevada gaming licenses.

U.K. online casinos will undoubtedly benefit from the country’s long history of gaming regulation. According to Bear Stearns’ recent gaming report, the U.K.’s “highly sophisticated land-based gaming industry offers the most potential for a successfully regulated Internet gambling environment.”

What’s more, the online casino industry and subsequent regulatory efforts in Britain will more than likely be spearheaded by U.K.-based industry heavyweights William Hill, Ladbrokes, and Stanley Leisure. These companies have moved, or are in the process of moving, their sportsbooks back to the U.K. and can be expected to relocate their casinos as soon as this legislation is formally approved.

The British government has wisely decided that it would be better to bring betting companies back to the U.K. and regulate online gambling rather than ban it. The result will be a safer gaming environment for players and tax revenues for the government that could be worth hundreds of millions of pounds for government coffers – even without the betting duties.

In the end, any plan to legalize Internet wagering is a smart business decision that will benefit everyone involved – no matter how you slice it.


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Pkv George’s Premiership Predictions

Under fire Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho takes on Jurgen Klopp in the Premiership’s big match.

Leaders Manchester City are at home against Norwich who have begun to ship goals of late. It’s difficult to see any other result than a home win. Manchester United travel to Selhurst Park and a tricky fixture with Crystal Palace, who themselves took a hammering in the Pkv League Cup from City. Manchester United also lost in midweek going out on penalties to Middlesbrough after a 0-0 draw. A difficult one to call with the visitors so underwhelming but we take United to win.

Elsewhere Newcastle are at home to Stoke and Arsenal travel to Swanswea with something of an injury crisis. Watford are at home to high flying West Ham, while Everton host Sunderland, who had their first win under new manager Sam Allardyce in the Tyne Wear derby last weekend,

Saturday, 31 October 2015

Chelsea 1 v Liverpool 1

Crystal Palace 1 v Man Utd 2

Man City 4 v Norwich 1

Newcastle 2 v Stoke 0

Swansea 1 v Arsenal 2

Watford 2 v West Ham 1

West Brom 1 v Leicester 2

Sunday, 1 November 2015

Everton 2 v Sunderland 1

Southampton 2 v Bournemouth 0

Monday, 2 November 2015

Tottenham 3 v Aston Villa 0

Chelsea Odds-On To Finish Outside Top 4 – 8/11 To Lose 10+ Games

Chelsea’s season is going from bad to worse and bet365 now make the Blues 4/6 to finish fifth or lower and 8/11 to lose ten or more Premier League games this season.

Chelsea, who are unbeaten in their last eight games against Liverpool, are 16/1 to be the top scorers in the Premier League this weekend with Klopp’s side quoted at 13/8 to finish above the Stamford Bridge side come May.

2015/16 Premier League – Chelsea Finishing Position

1st 33/1 2nd 20/1 3rd 7/1 4th 5/2

5th or Lower 4/6

2015/16 Total Chelsea Premier League Losses

Over 9.5 8/11 Under 9.5 Evs

2015/16 Premier League Match Bet – Who Finishes Higher

Chelsea 4/9 Liverpool 13/8

Weekend Premier League Specials (31st Oct – 2nd Nov)

Highest Scoring Team E/W ¼ 1,2,3

Man City 10/3 Tottenham 6/1

Everton 7/1 Southampton 8/1

Arsenal 9/1 Man Utd 16/1

Chelsea 16/1 Watford 22/1

Leicester 25/1 Newcastle 25/1

West Ham 28/1 West Brom 28/1

Liverpool 33/1 Stoke 33/1

Crystal Palace 50/1 Swansea 50/1

Bournemouth 66/1 Sunderland 66/1

Aston Villa 80/1 Norwich 100/1

Total Goals

Over 24.5 1/3 Under 24.5 9/4

Over 27.5 5/6 Over 27.5 5/6

Over 30.5 9/4 Under 30.5 1/3

Colback blow hurts Newcastle

Newcastle United look set to be without the services of the former Sunderland midfielder Jack Colback until mid-December. Magpies boss Steve McClaren is already without Steven Taylor, Tim Krul and Curtis Good, but Colback has now been ruled out for six weeks after sustaining a knee injury in the Wear-Tyne derby last weekend. The 26-year-old picked up the problem when he was challenged by Lee Cattermole and had to leave the Stadium of Light on crutches wearing a protective knee brace. McClaren said: “Sadly we won’t have Jack Colback in our line-up this weekend after the results of a further scan on his right knee. “Unfortunately this injury, which was sustained at the Stadium of Light on Sunday, will see him out for up to six weeks and we all wish Jack the very best in his recovery.” Newcastle entertain Stoke City on Saturday and are 7/5 with bet365 to claim a much-needed victory.



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NORTH DAKOTA LEGISLATURE: Hit me! Online poker gets boost


BISMARCK – Three weeks after approving the licensing of Internet poker sites, the North Dakota House has endorsed a state constitutional amendment to allow the idea to proceed, despite arguments that the game is a fad.

“Right now, (poker players are) playing in an unregulated industry that, if they wanted to, this industry could cheat them,” said Rep. Ron Iverson, R-Fargo. “If we regulate it, we’ll get the benefits of regulation of that industry.”

Representatives voted 50-44 Tuesday to approve the amendment, which now goes to the North Dakota Senate for its review. The Legislature may only put amendments on the ballot; voters must agree to make them part of the constitution.

No other state licenses Internet poker sites, and critics of the amendment noted U.S. Justice Department statements that Internet gambling is illegal.

“I am not opposed to gaming, but this is different,” Rep. Kari Conrad, D-Minot, said during the House debate. “All of the other gaming that we have considered has been within the realm of possibility. This is not.”

The amendment’s supporters argued it is better for North Dakota government to regulate Internet poker than to leave players unprotected, and they said federal courts have ruled that a key federal anti-gambling law, called the Wire Act, does not ban Internet poker.

The amendment adds one sentence to Article 11, Section 25 of the constitution: “The legislative assembly shall authorize Internet live poker, located in the state, and licensed and regulated by the state.”

It is an exemption to the constitution’s general ban on gambling, which bars the Legislature from authorizing “any game of chance, lottery or gift enterprises, under any pretense, for any purpose whatsoever.” Powerball and other multistate lottery games, as well as gambling operations run by charities, also are exempt.

Feb. 16, the House voted 49-43 to approve separate legislation that would authorize and regulate North Dakota-based Internet poker sites, tax their revenues and charge them fees for the players they host.

The Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on that measure Tuesday. Industry officials lined up to support it, calling it an incentive for Internet poker operations to relocate to North Dakota.

The amendment, which is necessary before the bill may take effect, survived despite a vigorous effort on the House floor to defeat it. More about Agen Poker Online

“The people who drafted this constitution spent a lot of time on it. They put a lot of thought into it. And now, we are being asked to … write into our constitution what is essentially nothing more than a fad – Internet poker,” said Rep. Lawrence Klemin, R-Bismarck.

Rep. Dorvan Solberg, D-Ray, said North Dakotans already have plenty of avenues for gambling – lottery games, bingo halls, casinos on American Indian reservations and gambling operations run by North Dakota charities.…

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Korea Ready For Next Stage Qq Poker Online?



Another weekend gone and one more match closer to the 2010 World Cup. June is almost over and a place in the final round of world cup qualification is assured. It is time to take stock of a busy period that has raised a number of questions.


The main issue is how the Taeguk Warriors will Qq Poker Online fare against stronger opposition when the action resumes in September.


On Friday, the ten Asian teams that survived the just-finished third round will be split into two groups of five. The top two from each group will automatically book their places in South Africa. The two third-placed teams play-off for the right to face Oceania’s representative –the winner of that match goes to the World Cup.


Confused? Well, then you know how the Korean defence has felt on a regular basis in the past few weeks. At times the backline has struggled against the attacks of Turkmenistan and Jordan, so it is worrying to consider what may happen against the craft of the Japanese, the speed of the Saudis or the skill of the Iranians.


On the face of it six games in Group Three and a record of three wins and three draws is perfectly acceptable but it doesn’t tell the whole story.




It all started well with a 4-0 thrashing of Turkmenistan in Seoul. English-based stars Park Ji-sung and Seol Ki-hyeon starred. It was the perfect start though the media was concerned at how much better the overseas stars were than the K-Leagues.




The press was singing, along with the coach, a different tune at the end of March after a dull goalless draw against North Korea in Shanghai. This time Seol, as well as fellow London resident, Lee Young-pyo were partly blamed by the press and the boss for the unimaginative display.




The low point of the six games was the last 20 minutes against Jordan in Seoul on May 31. Cruising 2-0 against the West Asians, Jordan took advantage of some poor goalkeeping and defending to pull a goal back. Then everything went wrong and the team fell to pieces. In the end, it was almost a relief to tie 2-2 against a team then ranked 104 in the world by FIFA.


The next day, coach Huh Jung-moo irresponsibly placed part of the blame on goalkeeper Kim Yong-dae. He also suggested that the Korean Football Association (KFA) should lift the ban on veteran shotstopper Lee Woon-jae. Lee’s late-night drinking exploits during the 2007 Asian Cup earned himself a 12-month enforced absence from the national team which ends in November. The KFA said it was too early. Huh said he never made the request anyway and it was all the media’s work.




It hadn’t been a good 48 hours for Korean football but to the team’s credit, it bounced back and won 1-0 in Jordan a week later. The performance wasn’t great, the defense again looked shaky but it was a good win in a tough environment. The same could be said of the 3-1 victory against Turkmenistan a week later. The team scored its only goal of the group against the Koreans and caused the visitors more trouble than it really should have been allowed to, but the hat-trick from Park Ji-sung replacement Kim Do-heon picked up another three points.


Then came a second goalless draw at home against the North Koreans in Seoul, a dull game against a defensive-minded team.




There is work to do, starting on Friday when the identities of South Korea’s four opponents in the final stage will be revealed. The last time that South Korea failed to reach the World Cup was back in 1982, and hard work and a little imagination is needed to ensure that unwanted history is not made.





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Eliminatorias Euro – Serbia busca solucion and Bandar Togel Hongkong



Serbia de Javier Clemente se dispone a ofrecer un millon de euros a Bélgica para que quede invicta en Polonia en un encuentro cuyo resultado afectará el desenlace en el Grupo A de clasificación para la Eurocopa del 2008, publicó hoy el diario polaco Fakt.


Aunque no hay – ni puede haber – confirmación de tal acusación de la parte serbia o belga, los polacos creen en la prima serbia, porque los balcánicos ya no dependen de si para entrar en la fase final del Euro en Austria y Suiza.


“Nuestros rivales seguro estarían dispuestos a ‘comer hierba’ para ganarnos en Chorzow. Los serbios quieren primarles, porque Bélgica ya está descartada y sin una motivación adicional no le interesaría el resultado del encuentro”, afirma Fakt.


Si el próximo 17 de noviembre Bélgica sale invicta ante Polonia, Serbia tendría una nueva oportunidad para clasificarse ganando a los propios polacos cuatro días más tarde en Belgrado.


Según la prensa polaca, serían los mismos internacionales serbios los que podrían reunir los fondos necesarios para pagar la prima a los “diablos rojos” belgas.


El director de la selección serbia, Zoran Mirkovic, afirmó que en su opinión “no hay nada malo en estimular a un rival


Cole, Frank Incensed and Meh

I’ve never been a great fan of Steve McClaren, but it’s wholly unfair to place the blame for the death of English football at the feet of one hapless individual. Personally, I hold Frank Lampard solely responsible.


The great and the good of the world of Bandar Togel Hongkong punditry, and David Platt, have all been quick to defend the tubby midfielder, claiming that criticism is unjustified.


These washed-up has-beens have obviously forgotten his poor recent performances, his demand for respect rather than throwing his hands up, Frank TV, protracted contract negotiations, the 9/11 bevvy-up, the ‘these are my people’ line, the undignified Hammer-bashing, the ‘Super Goals’ advert and the Jamie Redknapp connection.


The woeful national anthem is also a contributory factor to our demise. I don’t really understand why we need to pay homage to Ashley Cole.


Looking forward, we should introduce a more upbeat tune that will help keep Frank Lampard’s feet on the ground. ‘Lip up Fatty’ fits the bill perfectly. I can’t keep quiet about the 11/4 for a draw between Middlesbrough and Chelsea.


After a dreadful start to the season with Bolton, little Sammy Lee is now searching for a new career. I suppose he could always become a jockey, like Ashley Cole. I’m not horsing around with the 2/9 for an Arsenal win over Bolton.


Wayne Rooney and Carlos Tevez are not a striking partnership, in more ways than one. Aston Villa are an absolute beast in front of their own supporters, they look overpriced at 4/1 to land the shock.


The Royals really enjoyed their trip to Blackburn last season; it was probably funded by the tax-payer. Rovers have definitely improved since then, while Reading have gone backwards like a drunken crab. I’ll happily take 8/11 about a Blackburn side on the up.


Fulham are a lot like Princess Diana. They looked good for a while, but they’ve hit a wall. After six games without a win, a home match against Derby will reverse their fortunes at 3/4.


It’s not been a good week for Ashley Cole. The controversial defender faces a prolonged spell out of the game, as his cushions no longer match his drapes. A defeat for Tottenham at Newcastle will spell curtains for Martin Jol; a hard earned point may be enough to prolong the agony at 23/10.


Steve Bruce has demanded face-to-face talks with Carson Yeung. The billionaire is no mug though; he’s bringing a couple of paper bags with him. There’s no disguising the fact that Manchester City are a lock at 3/5 at home to Birmingham.


Benjani has now added goals to his repertoire: it now consists of goals. The 8/5 for a Pompey win over Wigan is everything you ever wanted in a football bet, and a little bit more.


I’m not sure if I buy this new cuddly easy-going persona of Roy Keane. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Sunderland manager was seen holding a hammer on the touchline, preferably Craig Bellamy. West Ham can send Keano closer to the edge at 10/11.


The Merseyside derby is probably the toughest nut to crack on the weekend coupon. I honestly don’t know which set of supporters will be bragging at work on Monday morning; probably because the question is fundamentally flawed. I can’t pick a hole in the 9/4 for a draw between Everton and Liverpool.


I only wish that footballers could follow the example of their rugby playing counterparts. Although in fairness, Ashley Cole is doing his bit. The English rugby team are shoo-ins at even money with a nine point start against South Africa in the World Cup final.


Lewis Hamilton has the world at his feet, unlike Frank Lampard, who has to rely on updates from helpful associates. The 2/5 for young Lewis clinching the drivers’ championship is more than fair.


I think it’s time for the Frank Lampard bashing to cease. Nobody likes to see a fat kid get continually bullied, unless it has comedy value. Arsenal, Blackburn, Fulham, Man City and West Ham form a 10/1 weekend accer whose worth is beyond question.



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World Andar Qiu Qiu News




Levski Sofia top European defences


There is no doubt now: the best soccer is played in countries where attack rules over defence. Only one club from the top-leagues – Chelsea – feature among the best defending teams in a list ruled by Bulgarian, Czech, Ukrainian, Romanian and Serbian squads.


By far the best defence this season is that of Levski Andar Qiu Qiu Sofia, who have conceded just 7 goals in 26 games, 0.27 goals per game. The Bulgarian leaders also head the best goals difference chart with an amazing 79-7 (+72!) ratio.


Team Goals/games Per game


  1. Levski 7/26 0,27
  2. CSKA Sofija 11/26 0,42
  3. Sporting Lisbon 15/28 0,54

4.-5. Slovan Liberec 15/26 0,58

Shakhtiar Donetsk 15/26 0,58

  1. Salzburg 19/32 0,59
  2. Dinamo Bucharest 18/30 0,60
  3. Vojvodina Novi Sad 18/29 0,62
  4. Chelsea 23/63 0,63

10.-11. Hajduk Split 20/31 0,64

Porto 18/28 0,64



Joey Barton could leave England, and he should


Manchester City’s Joey Barton may be offloaded to a foreign club in the summer as a consequence of the series of incidents perpetrated by the one-time capped midfielder. It is just as well and perhaps Barton should search a country without an extradition treaty with the UK.

His teammate Ousmane Dabo is considering pressing charges against Barton for causing him severe injuries to his eye, nose and lip during an altercation at City’s training ground last week.

“I thought it was over and when I wanted to turn away he hit me with a terrible punch that knocked me out. He acted like a coward, it wasn’t a fair fight.”

Dabo’s left eye has been taped closed and he has swellings and facial marks following hospital treatment.

“When I woke up this morning I looked at myself in the mirror with my face all swollen up and I looked like the Elephant Man,” he told The Sun.

City suspended Barton, an experienced troublemaker who has been fined a couple of times over incidents like putting out a cigar in a teammate Jamie Tandy’s eye during the 2004 Christmas party or fighting with a teenage Everton fan in Bangkok and then with his teammate Richard Dunne who tried to intervene. Last march he was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a taxi driver.

According to Barton’s agent, there are plenty of teams interested in his client, whose price is set at 5.5 million pounds, not including insurance policies for his future teammates.



No double for Inter Milan


Roma hope to clinch its first trophy in its fourth successive Cup final against Inter Milan. Francesco Totti’s team thrashed the reigning champions, a resounding 6-2, edging closer to their eight Italian Cup, and first since 1991.

In the return leg next Wednesday Inter hope to repeat their own performance against the same rival in last summer’s Supercup, when they overturned a 0-3 deficit with four second half goals. Since 2005 Inter and Roma have met in two Coppa Italia finals and in a Supercup, with Inter winning every time. Inter’s coach Roberto Mancini holds the nickname of “King of Cups” having won six Italian Cups as a player and other four coaching Fiorentina, Lazio and Inter.


Sevilla: a treble or a collapse?


After Chelsea and Manchester United dropped out of the race for a treble, Sevilla is the only European team that retains the possibility of winning three trophies. In spite of losing 2-3 to Real Madrid in last Sunday’s big match in Madrid, Sevilla is within four points of a faltering Barcelona at the top of the league, while in both cups they have reached the finals. In the UEFA Cup, Juande Ramos’s team will defend the trophy against Espanyol on May 16th in Glasgow, while in the Spanish Cup they will meet Getafe on June 23th at Santiago Bernabeu. The remaining schedule for Sevilla is gruesome, as the Andalusians will have to play two games a week until the end of May.


Eto’o closer to leaving Barcelona


Samuel Eto’o has only a 40% chance of staying in Barcelona and just as much for joining Milan, claim the Italian daily Gazzetta dello Sport. The same source believe that Arsenal have the remaining 20% of snatching the Cameroonian striker.

Although his playing contribution is doubtlessly enormous, Eto’o has become a liability in the dressing room after making several enemies. Barca, who is reportedly attempting to sign Thierry Henry and the Brazilian Alfonso Alves from Heerenveen, may be willing to sell Eto’o dear, although at a lower price than the 150 million euros, the amount of the player’s buy-out clause. After recovering from knee injury, Eto’o has been scoring at the rate of a goal every 102 minutes and shares second place among Barcelona’s scorers this season with a total of 12 goals, behind Ronaldinho with 20.


For Deschamps, Juve’s title dream is a “utopia”


Juventus are on their way to the Italian Division 1, but they are not going to win the league right away, says their coach Didier Deschamps.

“I’m an ambitious person, but it is important not to lose a sense of reality. Much will be down to next summer’s reinforcements, but for now I think that dreaming of an immediate scudetto is a utopia,” said the Frenchman.

As far as Inter’s championship win, Deschamps has been fair:

“Good for them, they won fair and square, but we’ll meet next season.”

Inter are the team that were awarded Juventus’s 2006 title after the exposure that Juve’s directors had maintained illegal contacts with match referees.


Nantes go down after 44 years


One of the French greats, Nantes Atlantique, have been mathematically relegated with two games to go in spite of beating Bordeaux away 1-0. Wins by Nice and Valenciennes have made it certain that the Canaries could not be saved, alongside Sedan, level on 36 points.


Nantes have won eight championships, the last time in 2001, just before Lyon’s six-year winning run. One of the traditional French powerhouses, Nantes have had a chaotic season, having used four coaches and continuously shuffling the starting lineup. Not even the legendary keeper Fabien Barthez, brought as a saviour in December, could help extricate the team from their plight. In fact, with his erratic behaviour and less-than-convincing displays, the former World and European champion contributed to Nantes’s downfall.


Dinamo Zagreb break all records


Dinamo Zagreb have retained the Croatian title ahead of Hajduk Split in a season marked by several new records which will be tremendously difficult to break in the future.

Coached by Josip Kuze until the 13th round and by Branko Ivankovic since the end of October, the Zagreb Lions have registered 28 wins in 31 matches played so far, including 18 consecutive wins, all of them under Ivankovic’s guidance.


If they collect four or more points in the remaining two games, Dinamo will also establish a new record regarding the percentage of points won, which currently stands at 90.9% and has been held by the same team since the 1996/97 season.

The team’s top player, the naturalized Brazilian Eduardo da Silva, has scored 29 goals, equaling Goran Vlaovic’s mark from 14 seasons ago.

How high Dinamo’s standards are is reflected by the fact that the board of directors dismissed Kuze despite losing only a single league game in the first 13 rounds.…

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Premiership Bandarqq Betting



A new season kicks off this weekend and see’s the return of Walker’s Word. Another 10 months of non-stop top flight football action begins on Saturday with both the opening and closing matches ripe for picking a couple of shock results at great odds writes David Walker.


Saturday 19 August


Sheffield United vs Liverpool

Sheffield United make their Premiership return after a 12 year absence at lunch time, to kick off another 10 months of top flight action. The bookmakers are predicting a cakewalk for visiting Liverpool, but Blades boss Neil Warnock will have other ideas. During the 2002/03 Carling Cup, United beat Liverpool 2-1 at Bramall Lane, drew 0-0 at home in 1993/94 and beat the Reds 1-0 the previous year in the Premiership’s debut season. Liverpool may have one eye on their Champions League tie against Maccabi Bandarqq Haifa three days later which still hangs in the balance at 2-1 in the Reds favour.

Walker’s Word: A “shock” draw to go against the bookmakers @ 12/5 (Coral)


Arsenal vs Aston Villa

There is unlikely to be any such shock result at the new Emirates Stadium however. Arsenal have beaten the Villains for the past eight seasons on home soil, including a 5-0 thumping last April. With the takeover at Aston Villa still not completed and new manager Martin O’Neill only recently installed, Villa could continue the form which saw them lose three of their last four matches at the end of last season.

Walker’s Word: Arsenal to christen their new ground with a win @ 3/10 (VCBet)


Everton vs Watford

Watford travel to Goodison Park on their Premiership return in the knowledge they have never beaten Everton on their home turf. Even more daunting is the in the eight times the pair have met in Merseyside, the Toffees have won every single encounter. The last time these two met was in the Premiership was during the 1999/00 campaign where Everton ran out 4-2 winners thanks to two goals apiece from Mark Hughes and USA striker Joe-Max Moore.

Walker’s Word: Everton like playing Watford so back them @ 4/6 (Totalbet)


Newcastle United vs Wigan Athletic

Newcastle beat Wigan 3-1 last season in the middle of their five-match winning run towards the end of the campaign. The Magpies will be without the injured Michael Owen and the retired Alan Shearer, who scored twice in that match, but strikers Alberto Luque and Shola Ameobi have been in good form pre season. The Wigan squad has seen numerous changes this summer, including the arrival of record signing Emile Heskey, but it will be the home side cheering by 4-45pm.

Walker’s Word: Newcastle to continue their good form @ 8/11 (Paddy Power)


Portsmouth vs Blackburn Rovers

Blackburn Rovers have not lost at Fratton Park on league or cup duty since an old second division clash in 1990 which saw Pompey win 3-2. Since then, Rovers have enjoyed good fortune on the south coast, including three wins and two draws in their past five visits. Mark Hughes’ side should find the Pompey defence a bit sterner since the arrivals of Sol Campbell and Glen Johnson but new strikers Jason Roberts, who scored at Fratton Park last season, and Benni McCarthy will give them plenty to think about on Saturday afternoon.

Walker’s Word: An away win for Blackburn @ 21/10 (Bet365)


Reading vs Middlesbrough

The last time Reading beat Middlesbrough at home was in 1927 and the duo have rarely met since. The last time they met was in Division One in 1998 where a Paul Gascoigne and Paul Merson-inspired Boro won 1-0 thanks to a Marco Branca goal. However, Reading have improved a lot since then and suffered just one defeat at the Madejski Stadium last season. The Premiership will be a massive step up for them but with opposition manager Gareth Southgate still wet behind the ears, they could send their supporters home happy by holding Boro to an opening day draw.

Walker’s Word: A point for both sides, draw @ 11/5 (Paddy Power)


West Ham United vs Charlton Athletic

Charlton have a good recent record at Upton Park which will give new manager Iain Dowie optimism as he returns to top-flight management. In their last five visits to East London, the Addicks have won twice and drawn once – a goalless draw last season. The Hammers will be rocked by Dean Ashton’s ankle injury which could keep him out of the game for four months while the evergreen Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink and last season’s top English goal scorer, Darren Bent, lines up against them. Add to it Dowie spent four years in two separate spells as a West Ham player and you have all the ingredients for an intriguing encounter.

Walker’s Word: Iain Dowie to get one over on his old side @ 11/4 (Betfred)


Bolton Wanderers vs Tottenham Hotspur

The betting prospects on this match are more interesting than the on pitch action is likely to be, given the 5.15 Saturday kick-offs are usually drab, low scoring affairs. Bolton have beaten Spurs at the Reebok Stadium for the last four seasons yet the bookmakers insist on pricing up the visitors as the favourites.

Walker’s Word: There is value in backing Bolton @ 9/5 (UK Betting)


Sunday 20 August


Manchester United vs Fulham

Sunday lunch time pits Alex Ferguson’s title pretenders against Chris Coleman’s unhappy travellers and there is likely to be only one outcome. United have beaten Fulham at Old Trafford for the past five seasons and given the Cottagers dismal away record, which saw them win just once on their travels last season, this run is likely to continue. Wayne Rooney and Paul Scholes face a three match ban, but this does not come into effect until after Sunday’s match.

Walker’s Word: One for the big hitters, United @ 3/10 (Ladbrokes)


Chelsea vs Manchester City

Will Chelsea’s domestic dominance continue this season following the summer signings of Germany captain Michael Ballack and AC Milan striker Andriy Shevchenko? According to the bookmakers, it will, and price Manchester City up at a massive 14/1 to beat the Blues at Stamford Bridge, something no team in the Premiership could do last season. Frankly, it’s an insult considering it’s the opening game of the season and Chelsea haven’t exactly been firing on all cylinders pre season, including last Sunday’s Community Shield defeat against Liverpool.

Walker’s Word: Hope for a real upset @ 14/1 (UK Betting)




Premiership Bandarqq Betting Read More