Ligaz11 Review of Yes, You Can Win!

Bob Stupak was the founder and owner of the Vegas World ligaz11 Casino in Las Vegas, which is now the Stratosphere. A tireless promoter, Stupak was both one of the of the most innovative and controversial casino entrepreneurs. He’s also known as a big gambler himself, being one of the “old school” of casino owners who is both willing to fade very large action, occasionally gambling his casino’s livelihood against his opposition, and willing to make large wagers himself. Despite his brash style, Stupak also understands the fundamentals of gambling and mathematics. In Yes, You Can Win! Stupak dispenses gambling advice focused on what works for his personal style.


In his book, Stupak discusses the intrinsic mathematics of gambling at a very introductory level. I might quibble with the way he presents some concepts, but he gets the math right. He also relates his preferred style of gambling: Start with a moderate sized stake for the session, increase bet sizes when winning, but don’t double up, and decrease bet sizes when losing. Stupak feels that this gives the gambler a reasonable chance at making a big score without risking either an enormous session loss or on getting tapped out on a single big bet. While he decries more familiar “system” betting, like the D’Alembert or Martingale systems, the system he prefers using confers no intrinsic advantage or disadvantage over any other style, it’s just a method that suits him. This is fine, but it’s unfortunate that it’s presented as a superior system when it’s not. At least he does admit that no betting style, including his, can overcome the house advantage.


He talks about the rules and procedures for three of the most popular casino games: craps, blackjack, and roulette. These are all presented at the beginning level, and his description of play is easy to follow. His blackjack basic strategy table isn’t perfect, but it’s not completely out of line, and the rest of the information he presents on these games is accurate. Stupak also discusses slot machines. He mentions calculating pay back based on the number of reels and the number of stops on each reel. Even when the book was written, this information wasn’t correct for almost, if not all, slot machines in Nevada casinos. Instead of the stops being chosen randomly with equal probability, they’re chosen electronically, and each stop on each wheel may have a different probability of occurring.


Due to his direct style and relentless self-promotion people view Stupak in a variety of ways, ranging from admiration to bemusement to outright contempt. The title page touts Stupak as “The World’s Foremost Gambler”. Whether this is true or not can be debated, but his style is evident in this book. No place is this more apparent than in the last chapter, where Stupak is interviewed by some nameless individual, and in the first chapter, where the author describes how he came up with the idea for the Stratosphere tower.


I found this out of print book to be amusing. I think the gambling advice is better presented in a few other books, but his approach isn’t bad, especially considering how many awful books there are on the market. This isn’t a book that most people should relentlessly seek out, but for die-hard gambling readers who find Stupak’s style and antics at least amusing, it’s worth acquiring on the cheap if one stumbles across it.



Love or hate him, at least Bob Stupak is an interesting and genuine character. In “Yes, You Can Win!”, Stupak provides information on how to play the three most well-known casino table games and dispenses his advice on how he likes to bet. While his opinions on money management aren’t as definitive as he makes them sound, his advice certainly isn’t horrible, at least compared to other books on the market. Most people shouldn’t feel the need to seek out this mostly forgotten out-of-print work, but the right reader will find the book entertaining.






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Situs Judi Bola Gambling on the U.K.

“U.K. online casinos will undoubtedly benefit from the country’s long history of gaming regulation.”

Proposed changes to gambling legislation in the United Kingdom may make this the place to operate an online casino. And some of the big names in the betting industry are getting ready to seize the opportunity as soon as it’s available.

This past spring, the British government legalized Internet sportsbooks and it looks like online Situs Judi Bola casinos are next in line to get official support. The government’s Department for Culture, Media and Sport’s Gambling Review Body earlier this month recommended that online gambling be legalized in the U.K.

Gambling has been legal in Britain since 1968, but like the U.S., there is no existing legislation that specifically deals with Internet wagering. And while the British government didn’t shut down online sportsbooks or casinos, it did impose a hefty betting duty that drove virtually every casino and sportsbook offshore. Operators set up shop in Gibraltar, Malta, and the Caribbean in order to minimize the amount of tax they were forced to pay.

As a result, the U.K. lost out on hundreds of millions of pounds of revenue. But the British government finally came to its senses and legalized online sportsbooks earlier this year. It also scrapped the betting duty, thus offering yet another incentive for the sportsbooks to come home.

And if this new online gambling report gets governmental approval, it looks like casinos will be able to come home as well. There won’t be a casino free-for-all, however. Stringent regulations will be imposed on both returning casinos and new ventures. Operators will have to be registered as a British company, locate their web servers in Britain, and use U.K. web addresses (URLs that end with for casino sites.

Other restrictions will also limit casino advertising in the U.K. to licensed operators, and will require all sites to provide users with information on problem gambling. More importantly, a gambling commission will be created to test and inspect online gaming systems for fairness.

The prime jurisdiction in the U.K. for online gambling will likely be the Isle of Man, located off the western coast of central England. The Isle of Man recently chose three casinos to test its proposed gambling regulations and services; that list of casinos has not been disclosed to the public.

Interestingly, Las Vegas casinos are also keeping an eye on things in the U.K. Internet gaming was recently given a tentative green light in Nevada, but it will be several years before anyone places a bet at a Vegas online casino. Big players like Las Vegas Sands Inc. and MGM MIRAGE have been eyeballing the U.K. option to ensure that they don’t get left out in the cold. But whatever happens, neither company will do anything that might jeopardize their Nevada gaming licenses.

U.K. online casinos will undoubtedly benefit from the country’s long history of gaming regulation. According to Bear Stearns’ recent gaming report, the U.K.’s “highly sophisticated land-based gaming industry offers the most potential for a successfully regulated Internet gambling environment.”

What’s more, the online casino industry and subsequent regulatory efforts in Britain will more than likely be spearheaded by U.K.-based industry heavyweights William Hill, Ladbrokes, and Stanley Leisure. These companies have moved, or are in the process of moving, their sportsbooks back to the U.K. and can be expected to relocate their casinos as soon as this legislation is formally approved.

The British government has wisely decided that it would be better to bring betting companies back to the U.K. and regulate online gambling rather than ban it. The result will be a safer gaming environment for players and tax revenues for the government that could be worth hundreds of millions of pounds for government coffers – even without the betting duties.

In the end, any plan to legalize Internet wagering is a smart business decision that will benefit everyone involved – no matter how you slice it.


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