Treasure and travel for King Neptune’s big winner

“Those pharaohs are some of the most beautiful things I have ever seen!” says King Neptune’s latest progressive jackpot winner, StephanyS describing the winning screen after hitting a $144 765 Treasure Nile progressive jackpot this week.

Stephany, a gas station attendant from Colorado has been a regular player at the casino since June last year. And the happy surprises are not yet over, because the casino is taking her on a luxury, all expenses paid Mystery Weekend for two as an added bonus to show appreciation for her support.

On a date of her choosing, Stephany and her son will jet away to a fabulous mystery location that has been carefully selected by King Neptune’s. They will then spend a long weekend being thoroughly spoiled.

“During this holiday, Stephany and her son will be treated to the very best – the classiest hotel, the finest restaurants and the most exciting entertainment,” Trident E-Group spokesperson Scott Gaines said. “Every minute of the weekend will be carefully planned to ensure that she has the trip of a lifetime.”

Gaines said that the Mystery Weekend is now part of an additional package that King Neptune’s owners, Trident E-Group Casinos have pledged to any player who wins a progressive jackpot of $100,000 or more.

The big win came just after 6am Mountain Time on January 28. Stephany had been playing for approximately 30 minutes and had wagered a little over $100 “…just wishing and praying for a nice win”. Suddenly the screen went blue and the message ‘You have won the Progressive Jackpot’ appeared. Stunned, she sat looking at the screen first in shock, then confusion and finally calm…. but was “deliriously happy”.

Stephany says she’s not yet sure of how she will spend her Slot Gacor money, which has already been paid in one cash tranche. But she is still very excited about her win. “I feel the tremendous relief and peace that comes with having money in the bank,” she said.


A million bucks of distrust and a free bug, too?

Earlier in this bulletin we reported on the sudden demise of Dukesgaming.com, leaving questions about unpaid players and a mysterious non-delivery on their promised $1 million sweepstake. The usual frustrations of unanswered emails followed and it is fair to say that in general they did not handle their departure in a professional manner. A new twist to this sad tale was not long in coming – hours in fact – when players noticed that a new Bet The Dealer franchise casino had recently opened titled ….Dukesbethedealer.com! There was the corporate identity on a somewhat less prestigious operation, licensed in Curacao and with no mention of the Missing Million. What they do have, however is a progressive slot jackpot on which they claim the big prize is already at $465K and growing. InfoPowa has asked a number of questions revolving around Dukes and this progressive, and of course that Million That Never Was. If there are answers, they are likely to be interesting to say the least. But in the meantime readers should exercise great care around this new site, particularly as some players have reported that the software here contains a bug described as Backdoor.IRC.Flood.a Category: Worm

Description: Aka Win32:Trojan-gen. {Other}, DR/Flood. BTD were warned about a similar bug last year.

Return of Atlantic Interbet

After some weeks of lying low and ignoring player and mediator emails, Atlantic Interbet seems to be back online as bold and brassy as you please. Hoping that perhaps their email responsiveness has also improved, we fired off a few queries but had not as at going to press received any response in 72 hours. There are still many unpaid players out there who have been badly served, hence the decision to place this operation on “Casino Cautions”.

Not so prestigious

Prestige Bingo.com (which has no relationship to Boss Media Prestige Casino BTW) is catching flak on the message boards for apparently implementing a policy of retroactively removing bonuses already granted to players who are now (post-event) being unilaterally judged as not doing sufficient gambling without bonuses to make the bingo boss happy. A letter to players refers to one “Deb” who is apparently the Operations Director and explains that a new policy took effect from this February 5 in which all withdrawals will result in an inspection of the player’s account to judge whether the client is a bonus hunter/abuser/advantage player in the casino’s eyes. If it is decided that that is the case, then the casino will help themselves to any bonuses past and present that might still be in the player’s account.

To sum this up, basically what will happen is if an account is not “kept active” within 2 weeks prior to any withdrawal request casino management will remove all bonuses in the account upon processing of that withdrawal.

With quite unintentional irony, the letter closes by hoping that, “The owners of Prestige Bingo hope that while we still deeply value all of our players, that those players understand we are a gaming site and therefore the decision to enforce this part of our policies which we have forgoed in the past is one that we feel is a positive attribute to the continued success of the site itself. We care for our players …..”

There seems to be some confusion at Prestige Bingo as to when this policy came into effect. The letter to players refers to a February 5 date, but Ops Director “Deb” says that this measure has been in their T&Cs since they opened in year 2000 and they are simply implementing it now. If it’s in the T&Cs, and players have accepted it then that is probably that. But we are still of the view that arbitrarily removing already granted bonuses from a player’s account constitutes bad casino practice.



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