In Cold Blood ~ Bridging PC and Mobile Phone Games

In Cold Blood Bridging PC and Mobile Phone Games

United Kingdom – October 19, 2000: Traditional developers in the game industry are not eagerly seeking development of their titles for the WAP mobile phone platform. The current feeling is that the technology is too slow and does not offer sufficient gaming sophistication to warrant the expense.

Ludiwap has challenged this misconception and believe that on the contrary, it is the best opportunity to bring masses of gamers into the fray. Traditional “gamers” will explore wireless gaming, and new gamers will investigate the PC and Web-managed releases of these titles. Women, a very important unexplored gaming public, will have a genuine opportunity to discover, calmly and progressively, games, and their now very intimate, anywhere, anytime pervasiveness.

Ludiwap has undertaken the bold step of jointly releasing, “In Cold Blood” with Ubisoft Entertainment, a premiere in the industry. This is the first joint project between the two firms.

“Noise, darkness, confusion, there is no hope to free you from the numbness that envelops you. Light pierces your prison. Footsteps. You stumble… a hand grabs your hair and plunges your head into a trough of cold water… Abruptly, disjointed memories flood into your mind and you begin to remember. Air is rushing around you, freezing your ears. You have two minutes before you hit the ground. Drifting slowly towards you is the aggressively independent state of Volgia. It is a blank page of snow-covered countryside. One minute left to fall. Time to pull the rip cord…”

“In Cold Blood” is the first game title you can both play on your PC and online with your cellular WAP enabled mobile phone. “The PC and online WAP versions will have 9 to 10 episodes”, Thorsten Burkard in Ludiwap explains to “The WAP game scenario is especially rewarding and entertaining, easily compensating all the additional gaming features offered by a full blown PC game.”

Ludiwap is funded 20% by Ubisoft ป๊อกเด้ง ไฮโล Entertainment, 20% by Guillemot Corporation and the rest by Guillemot Brothers. It’s only natural that we imagine a world in the near future where the various Guillemot group of companies and gaming solution services will offer multiplatform, anywhere, wired and wireless solutions for their game titles.

The joint release of “In cold Blood” by Ludiwap and Ubisoft Entertainment is a first step in providing a bridge between the wireless and wired gaming environments. New titles will be released the coming months.

Gameloft, another Guillemot Brother enterprise, also provides cross-platform capabilities for new generations of gamers. Ludiwap are running a joint marketing campaign with Ubisoft in the next weeks. The first episode of “In Cold Blood” will be available for a free trial on your phone at and PC versions are released the same day through usual retailers beginning October 19, 2000. Launches

New Online Ant Colony Simulators Goes Gold!

PENNINGTON, NJ – October 20th, 2000 – LLC, ( announces the launch of its newest web game Ant War (, an online ant colony simulator. This is the newest addition to’s collection of free web games.

Ant War is the next generation of online ant colony simulators. “Adam Ant” greets new players and leads them through the process of selecting ants, settling a nest and beginning the growth of their colony. There are five types of ants to choose from: Fire, Harvester, Carpenter, Leafcutter and Weaver. There are also 12 locations where the ant colonies will live including urban settings, the city dump and Mr. Suburbia’s backyard. Ant colonies also have to be on the lookout for human and animal dangers including: Rose the gardener, hungry birds, the Terrible Toad and most of all the neighborhood bully Buster who always has a magnifying glass and firecrackers in his pocket!

“This is our most dynamic online game yet. Feedback from beta testers has been extremely strong and we have been anxiously awaiting for the opportunity to launch Ant War to the world,” Robert Goode,’s Game Development Director.

Ant War can be played for free at


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